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A growth industry: Your future in Biomedical Engineering

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According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, employment in biomedical engineering will grow at a rate of 72% by 2018 (1). The Ontario biomedical industry is Canada’s largest healthcare market, employing 33,000 scientists, engineers, technicians and technologists (2), and Toronto is one of the biggest biomedical clusters in North America.

The Role of Biomedical Technologists and their Salary in Canada

Job opportunities for biomedical technologists exist throughout the Healthcare Industry. Duties they perform include installation and acceptance testing of equipment, preventive maintenance and repair and inspecting, testing and calibrating medical devices and technology.        

The Average Biomedical Technologist salary in Canada is $47,767 per year, or $24 per hour, some 1.5 times more than the Median wage of the country (3)

Unique Program Features

  • Co-op employment option to gain real-world experience. UHN regularly hires centennial co-op students.
  • Program development guided by Program Advisory Committee representing the broad Canadian biomedical industry.
  • Students participate at national conferences and professional events.

Accredited in the “Technologist Category” with CTAB, OACETT and Canadian Forces.

By Charanjit Bambra

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