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Become a part of the Super Bowl with Sports Journalism

Picture of Sports Journalism Students during broadcast

Over the weekend, the biggest of the American sporting events will take place, the Super Bowl.

Even if you’re not a fan of football, a lot of you will probably end up watching it, using it as an excuse to have a big party (with chili perhaps), or at least check out the halftime show. Regardless, it’s a big deal in the US, and will receive tons of coverage.

During the leadup to the event, you’ll see lots of analysis of every small detail of every possible play. Every TV show, radio broadcast, newspaper and blog has predictions, statistics, editorials, and tiny strategic analyses. During the game, there’s live, to-the-minute coverage by multiple networks, through multiple channels. Afterwards, there will be more analysis, more commentary, and more write-ups.

The Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the World Cup, the Olympics, and all of the other gigantic sporting events that we have share this common thread: The bigger they are, the more people we need to cover them. There’s a ton of ink spilled, and a ton of airtime in any of these events, and if you live for that coverage, there’s a career in that for you in the form of Sports Journalism. It’s a career that Centennial College can connect you to with its Sports Journalism program. Who knows? One day, that career might even have you covering the Super Bowl yourself.

Sports Journalism is an intensive one-year graduate program that takes three semesters, and prepares you to enter the world of sports media, covering events like these. As a graduate certificate program, Sports Journalism assumes you’ve already completed a college diploma or university degree, which means you’ll be surrounded by professional students who are there to put their skills to the test, and learn new ones. It also means it’ll be a smaller class, letting you get to know these fellow students, and begin to form a professional network.

Another important aspect of the program is that you’ll be actively producing the kind of content you’d be making as a professional sports journalist before you ever graduate, like Centennial On Demand’s sports podcasts. Not only that, but you’ll also be producing content outside the classroom, as the program takes every opportunity to get you into the field, and covering whatever big event is going on, like when Sports Journalism students covered the Pan Am Games with CBS and Sun Media. Either way, you’ll be prepared to enter the industry yourself, and become a part of the endless lineup of sports coverage yourself, including the big game.

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