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Seven great reasons to visit the Student Hub every day

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As you’ve definitely noticed, we’ve launched our brand new Centennial College website, offering a more streamlined, convenient online experience. But that’s not all that was rebuilt. We also created a new, improved Student Hub. You can find it right at the top of the website, this page included. The idea behind the Student Hub is that it's the best place for a student of Centennial to go online, as it contains all the resources, links and information they need to succeed at Centennial College. Here's why you should start every trip online with a visit to the Student Hub:

1. Stay up-to-date on events and news

Right at the top of the page, there's a list of upcoming events, and link to look at a full list of what's happening at school. Checking back here, you can make sure you don't miss anything fun or important. Scrolling a bit further down, you can read important college news under our "What's New" section, keeping you informed about special opportunities on campus.

2. Log in and use essential student services

Right at the top of the Hub are links to three essential student services at Centennial College: myCentennial (where pay fees, register for courses, reserve lockers, apply for transfer credits and communicate with the college community through a secure email), eCentennial (a tool to access program-specific information, resources and software) and myApplication (a tool for checking the status of your application to Centennial College while you're registering). A bit further down, you'll find a section about your myCard, where you can manage your account and add money to it.

3. Download the Centennial College Mobile app

Through a convenient link right at the top of the page, you can download this essential (and free) student tool through either Google play or iTunes. Read more about how the Centennial College Mobile app can help you out here.

4. Read guides to life at Centennial College

No matter what kind of student you are, we have essential information here on how to thrive at Centennial College. If you're an international student, our international section connects you to all the resources you need, and includes a guide to life in Canada and in the Canadian classroom. Meanwhile, the Student Support and Resources section includes guides tailored to first-year students, graduating students, and part-time students. If any of these are you, all your essential information can be found here.

5. Learn about college resources

Right on the front page, you'll find links to and information on the IT Help desk, the Library, our Athletics department, the Centre for Students with Disabilities, our different Educational Pathways, Student Health and Wellness, and, importantly, Financial Aid, including scholarships and bursaries.

6. Learn about our new courses and programs

Centennial is constantly updating what it offers to stay relevant with the changing work world, and when we create something new, we'll post it on the Hub. Have a look, and learn where you can take your education next.

7. Read blog posts

Located right at the bottom of the Student Hub is a link to our Centennial College blog, where you can get useful advice as a student, learn more about our programs and courses, or just read interesting information.

By Anthony Geremia

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