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Five things you need to know about International Education Week

Students celebrating international education week

Centennial College’s International Education Week is happening now! If you’re an international student, this series of interactive, online events is especially for you. The whole purpose of the week is to promote the benefits of international education and international mobility programs in education. Thanks to its digital venue, it’s easily accessible to all students, staff and faculty, and participants can even engage through Facebook and Instagram. Here’s what you need to know, and why you should take part.

1. It’s a worldwide celebration that started in the US

As you’d expect from its title, International Education Week is a worldwide event, which began in the United States and has spread across the globe to more than 120 countries in the last 20 years. So when you join in at Centennial, you’re meeting students from all around the globe.

2. This year, we’ve gone remote

International Education Week has always been one of Centennial’s signature events, since it shows off the diversity of our students and our exciting programs and projects overseas. This year, we’ve brought the sights, sounds and flavours of international education week home, by creating an online experience to simulate the in-person festivities.

3. We’ve themed the whole week around it

The theme of this year’s International Education Week is “international@ home.” These days, home is especially important. It can mean multiple things: Where you come from, where you currently are, the people you’re with or whatever makes you feel happy and safe. This year, students can tune in from their home countries, and we created a lineup of interactive events with that in mind.

4. There’s a ton of events you can take part in

There’s something happening this week for every international student, no matter what stage in your international journey you’re at. Just have a look at the list! It includes a photo contest (which you can submit your own entries to), cultural celebrations, a wellness session and global experience sessions. It all culminates on Friday with a marquee Talent Show that will showcase our best international singers and dancers.

5. There’s plenty to learn and experience

If you’re an international student, you can enjoy an intercultural exchange experience through our cultural celebrations. You can also gain information on how to get involved with the leadership and global experience programs offered at Centennial. And you can connect with other students and staff who are interested in international study and work abroad programs. It’s the perfect place to share the story of your international journey and contribute to a larger global conversation, so get in on it before it’s over!

By: Anthony Geremia