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Picture of a student skiing down a mountainside

New to Toronto? Three things to do during your winter break

You can have fun during the winter break and feed your mind and body! If you’re a student from outside the GTA, and are looking for enriching things to do during the winter break, here’s a few fun winter activities the city has to offer.

A picture of the road outside of Progress Campus during the Ice Storm

Beautiful Disaster – Ice Storm 2013

One year ago today southern Ontario was hit by a catastrophic ice storm that left millions of dollars of damage to the Greater Toronto Area. It began with freezing rain and progressively worsened as Centennial students were just beginning their holidays.

Centennial College student relaxing during the Holiday Break

In recovery: Making the most of your winter break

Now that school's out for winter, here's a look at what you can do during the break to both relax and ensure you're ready for the next semester. Don't worry, most of it isn't tough to do!

Centennial College students discussing studies and walking to class

Five major factors you need to manage in college, Part 2

A continued look at problems that may cause students to feel as though they need to withdraw from their program, and counsellor Eric Dunn's advice on how students can handle these problems without leaving school.

Centennial College student studying outside

Five major factors you need to manage in college, Part 1

There's times where school and life might make you feel pressured, and you're thinking of withdrawing, but there are always alternatives. Counsellor Eric Dunn identifies a few common stress factors here, and how students can tackle the problems in ways that let them stay in school.

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