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Picture of a Second Career Student Group

New Year's Resolutions: Finding a Direction

Choosing a career path can be difficult, since you’re deciding on the direction the rest of your life will take. If your new year’s resolution is to finally make that decision, here’s a few things to keep in mind that can help you make your choice.

Picture of a Food and Nutrition student cutting vegetables

New Year's Resolutions: Getting Healthy

If you made a New Year’s Resolution to be healthy, you’ve already realized howI important it is to stay healthy in school. If your body isn’t running well, your mind won’t, either. Here’s a few simple things you can do to keep healthy and in-shape.

picture of a centennial college continuing education student in class part time

New Year's Resolutions: Get Educated

Looking to improve your future? You can make your new year's resolution to continue your education, and turn to Centennial College for help. Here's why continuing education is a forward-thinking resolution for the career-minded working student.

picture of centennial college students preparing for the winter semester during thier holiday break

New Year's Resolutions: Get Organized for School

If you made a New Year's Resolution to improve your study habits in school, there's probably a lot of information out there on what you should be doing. This list keeps it simple, by telling you the easiest things to do, and what personally worked for the author.

picture of centennial college progress campus library during winter

Winter in Toronto: More things to do and places to go

The winter break is the perfect time to explore Toronto, and see what holiday events the city has going on. If you're an international student, you can get to know the place you've been calling home. Here's a continued guide to some more special events the city is offering during the winter break.

picture of centennial college students skating at morningside park

Winter in Toronto: Things to do and places to go

Is it your first winter break as a Centennial College student in Toronto? There's a lot to see in the city, so here's a guide to some of the city sights, and ways you can spend the winter break.

picture of Centennial College business administration program students at their pop-up shop

Pop-up shops give the gift of learning

It's the time of year for giving, and Centennial College has gotten into the spirit. Students from the New Venture Startup course gave the school the chance to purchase holiday treats to help fund scholarships, while the college simultaneously gave them the chance to learn practical entrepreneurial business skills.

picture of a centennial college continuing education business student in class smiling

How to balance work and life in continuing education

If you're already in the work force, and want to further develop your skills through Continuing Education at Centennial College, you may feel intimidated by the need to balance school and work. However, it's easier to make that balance work than you think.

picture of a centennial college child and youth care program students and teacher

Learn from the professionals and foster development in Child and Youth Care

If you’re committed to social development, and love working with children, then Centennial College’s Child and Youth Care program is for you. Children will inherit the world, so as a Child and Youth worker, you’re helping make the next generation happy and healthy. Here’s how the program gives you the necessary real-world experience and career connections to begin making a difference.

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