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PR students fundraise over $15,000 for various charities


Public Relations students raised over $15,000 this school year -- and they did it without a dime.

As a part of their Project and Event Management course, students worked in groups of six to create fundraising events for a charity of their choice without any starting money.

Though approaching the project penniless seems hard, Donna Lindell, the program coordinator, says they have all semester to do it and it’s the best way to learn.

“You can talk about it all you want, but until you‘ve done all that, it’s ineffective,” she said.­­

The students choose a theme, venue, consider all aspects of the event and even aim to get sponsors.

Sponsors can provide great raffle and door prizes, which are critical to fundraising and making a profit for their charity.

“I’m not the only one seeing the product of their work, everyone is seeing it, their family and friends come out and it makes them put in a lot of work and effort,” Lindell said.

Different events included yoga, music concerts, cycling, spin classes and an international day where students dressed in their garments from their own country of origin.

“It was neat because we have so many diverse students,” Lindell said about the international day.

But this work is something unique to Centennial and it happens every year.

“Centennial may be the only public relations program that runs it this way. We run small events for smaller groups, so our students get more hands-on experience,” Lindell said.

By Bobby Hristova