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New Smartphone Video Production Micro-credential

Empowering people to create and communicate is the most significant breakthrough of the digital age.

Telling stories, making movies, having a voice, advancing a cause, honing a brand is no longer reserved for professional communicators with big budgets, expensive gear and insider access.

Anyone with creative energy can create content. Movies, art, design, music -- technology helps us make it and distribute it.

We can create it for fun. We can create it for profit. We can create it to express ourselves.

Still, some of those creative outlets are more accessible than others. Producing film and video has always been challenging, primarily because of the cost of gear.

But film and video are the lifeblood of entertainment and social media. How do you get your foot in the door, learn the art of filmmaking and video production and start producing work?

Well, if you’re reading this on your mobile device, the answer is right in your hand. Smartphone Filmmaking has changed everything. With a minor app upgrade and some creative training, we can all produce movies.

The app brings all the capabilities of a professional-grade film camera to your smartphone camera. The creative training shows you how to use it to shoot and produce films.

You’ll learn to creatively compose shots and scenes, and control light, colour, motion and depth of field.

The quality of work you’ll produce with your smartphone is remarkable; easily up to social media standards, commercial and brand video work, documentary and narrative film work.

Established film directors have made the switch, and most of the money-making content on YouTube is produced by creators who’ve learned the fundamentals of filmmaking.

Learn it at Centennial. There are no prerequisite skills, no film or photography experience necessary.

The best camera to learn filmmaking on is the one you already own.
Learn more about our Smartphone Video Production Micro-credential.

Written by: Stephen Knifton, Course Developer and Instructor