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Seven facts about a career in hotel management


With one in 10 people employed in it, and 10 per cent of global gross domestic product coming from it, hospitality and tourism are one of the best career fields you can get into. And it’s only going to expand, as Tourism HR Canada projects that it will grow to 2.1 million jobs here, meaning there’s a career for you.

Centennial College’s Hospitality and Tourism Administration program can make you into a member of the industry, by giving you the practical and business skills to run whatever side of the hospitality industry you want to get into. One of them is Hotel Management, where you’re the one making sure the experience is lavish for every guest. Here’s a look at what that job entails, sourced from a Lifehacker interview with a hotel manager, H Careers, RealBusiness and even Time magazine.

1. You’re overseeing all of the parts of the machine

As a hotel manager, you’ll spend most of your time supervising staff across the hotel, with the goal of making sure everyone and everything is ready for a guest to check-in. It’s like throwing a fancy get-together at your house, but for each person that comes in. There’s more to running a hotel than changing the sheets and towels, if course. You’re managing staff and resources as guests come and go every day of the week, and keeping tabs on it all can be quite the challenge if you’re not prepared. So, how do you know you can be prepared?

2. You need a certain kind of temperament

On a personal level, you need to be the kind of person that thrives in fast-paced environments and is able to think on their feet, making good judgements quickly. You also need to have a thick skin, and not be impatient or quick to anger.

3. It’s an active job

The most important thing you can do as a manager is just present. Don’t stay behind the desk, or in a backroom. You’re making decisions and handling issues on a day-to-day basis, so you need to be around to do whatever your staff can’t. You’re also the one out there making all of the hard choices about how things are going to be run.

4. You need to be a professional communicator

You’ll need a strong sense of professionalism when it comes to both the people that come through the doors and the people that work there. After all, it’s just as important to keep your staff happy as it is the guests. If they’re not happy, it’ll trickle down to the guests. So you need to allow managers and employees to communicate their thoughts, feelings and problems, while also making sure they have the tools and skills to do their own jobs. Basically, you need to be able to solve people problems by being a people person. That’s because…

5. It’s all about the people

Both managers and employees say the best part of the job is all of the people you meet, whether it’s a celebrity, someone from another country or culture, or just someone entertaining and kind. In fact, there’s a lot you can learn while on the job that isn’t related to Hospitality, which can make you into a more rounded person. In other words, communication skills are essential, so you know what they need, and they know what you need from them. Speaking of these people…

6. A hotel’s a gateway to other careers, too

As Lifehacker points out, even if you don’t want to ascend to management, or even work in hospitality, the hotel business is an excellent place to network, because of the sheer amount of people from every possible career that comes through the doors every day.

7. Education is essential

According to that same interview with a pro, it’s easy to walk in and get a hotel job, but to become an Operations Manager, you need, among other things, a good post-secondary education. That’s where we come in.

Want in?

A hotel manager is just one of the many positions you can have with a career in hospitality and tourism, which Centennial College’s program can connect you to. It’s the only three-year advanced diploma in hospitality and tourism in Ontario, and since 1970 has minted graduates that moved on to become global industry leaders. You learn through a special combination of academic study and hands-on experiential learning, including in a 14-week integrated work-learning experience at a major hotel that’ll make you graduate work-ready, with the technical and business skills for career success.

Written by: Anthony Geremia