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Once you’ve completed all the requirements of your program satisfactorily, you’re ready to graduate. Receiving your degree, diploma or certificate means you have successfully completed a prescribed program of instruction and been approved for graduation by the College Board of Governors.


To graduate from a Centennial College program, you must do the following:

  1. Satisfactorily complete all the required courses which comprise your certificate, diploma, or degree program with a GPA of 2.0 or greater.
  2. Ensure that at least 25 % of the courses comprising your program are completed at Centennial College.
  3. At the beginning of the semester in which you expect to complete all graduation requirements, apply to graduate on-line through myCentennial or submit an Application to Graduate form to the Enrolment Services Office. Unless you signal your intent to graduate by applying online or submitting an Application to Graduate form, the Enrolment Services Office will not act to audit your eligibility for graduation.

Use myCentennial to conduct an online audit of your progression towards graduation.

Honours Designation

Centennial College recognizes outstanding scholastic achievement by issuing Honours
and High Honours designations to eligible graduates of all programs. These designations are noted on the student’s diploma or certificate, and are based on the following criteria:

Honours – a program Grade Point Average (GPA) equal to or greater than 3.900, but less than 4.300 on a scale of 4.500.

High Honours – a program Grade Point Average (GPA) equal to or greater than 4.300 on a scale of 4.500.

Diploma in a Second Major/Double Diplomas

Some of our programs offer several options or choices of major. After you’ve graduated in one major or option, you may study for a diploma in another major in the same program without repeating the common courses. You will need approval from your program Chair to do this.

The total courses required for you to complete the new option will be based on the graduation requirements (curriculum) in effect at the time you enrol in that option. Projects and field work may not be carried over and you must complete required general education electives.

A Centennial graduate may study for a diploma or certificate in a different program without repeating common courses, with the program Chair or Coordinator’s approval. The total courses required to complete the new program will be determined by its curriculum.

Time Limit on Credits and Graduation

You are usually expected to complete your program within the following time limits, based on your original date of registration:

  • One-year program – up to two years
  • Two-year program – up to four years
  • Three-year program – up to five years
  • Degree programs – up to six years
  • Continuing education, post-secondary programs – five years

You’ll need written approval from your program Chair or Director to extend the time limit.

If you have to take time off from your studies, you can re-enter your program without going through the admission process again, as long as you are still within the time limits listed above. Use a Re-Admit/Program Transfer form, available from any Enrolment Services Office to start your course work again.

Convocation and Your Degree/Diploma/Certificate

A highlight of the Centennial year is our main convocation and graduation ceremonies, held in June. At this time, degrees, diplomas and certificates are presented to students who have successfully completed their programs. Graduates may invite two guests to join them in the celebration, which usually includes a guest speaker and reception.

We encourage graduates to participate in this memorable occasion. If, for some reason, you are unable to attend the ceremony, you can email us at to confirm your certificate, diploma or degree is or has been mailed to you.

Should you require a replacement, a fee of $50 will be charged.