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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Centennial College developing a Campus Master Plan for Progress and Ashtonbee campuses?

Centennial College will benefit from having a comprehensive campus plan that emphasizes innovation and sustainability. A Campus Master Plan is an important strategic tool that will help guide the ongoing evolution of Progress and Ashtonbee Campus. It sets out a vision for how the campus will grow and change with its academic mission, a vision developed through  consulting with faculty, students, staff, alumni, College leadership and other community members. The vision and objectives of the Campus Master Plan should lead to a set of capital initiatives that can strengthen the institution’s ability to deliver a leading academic program.

When will the Campus Master Plan process begin and end?

The Campus Master Plan process began in 2016 and will conclude in 2017.

What aspects of campus life will be considered?

The Campus Master Plan will focus on land use and buildings that will support essential aspects of campus life. The planning effort will examine consider spaces for teaching, learning, research, community-partnerships, innovation, socializing, athletics, recreation and technology, among other things.

How can students, staff, faculty, alumni and other community members get involved with the Campus Master Planning process?

Consulting with faculty, students, staff, alumni, College leadership, and other community members is an important aspect of developing the Campus Master Plan.Your first opportunity to provide input is by participating in the Campus Compass, linked above.