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International students: Here’s what you’ll learn by listening to “Through a Global Lens”

Students and faculty smile after finishing a recording of the Centennial College Podcast Through A Global Lens

Centennial College is a school of the world with a long history of inviting international students from across the globe to learn with us. We’ve made sure that we provide plenty of resources to help international students on their Canadian learning journey, and now we’ve added a new one. We’re launching the fourth season of Centennial College’s podcast, entitled “Through a Global Lens.” If you’re an international student, you owe it to yourself to give it a listen. Here’s just a few of the topics you can learn about by tuning in.

How to do your best in the classroom

As an international student, it’s really important to keep your grade point average (GPA) up. Time management is an important part of that, and that includes balancing work with school. We talk about how you can achieve that balance, and how you’re not alone in managing your grades, as we go over how different people and services at Centennial College all work to ensure your success.

How to build your career outside of the classroom

There’s more to building your career than just doing well in class. That’s why we talk about the power of networking and building relationships, and how it’ll help your education and career. This includes volunteering, attending events and going to field trips, taking part in student clubs and networking with your peers and professors.

How to understand and treat your mental health

There’s a stigma around addressing mental health issues, and in order to be successful, you have to be willing to break that stigma. We talk about how to self-identify your mental health issues, how to get help and how it’s dangerous to fake being okay when you’re not. At Centennial, we have mental health specialists in the form of counsellors who are there specifically to help, and we talk about them, along with other helpful resources you can use.

How to avoid scams as an international student

You might be used to attempts at scamming through telephone or text, but as an international student, you have to watch out for “my friend said” scams, where you assume something is true because you heard it second- or third-hand. We dive into that, and how the only way to deal with it is to double-check and do your research.

The stories of successful international students

When you come to Centennial College as an international student, you can become the next in a long line of success stories. That’s why we tell these stories during the podcast, stories of student success that will also highlight common issues international students might face, such as homesickness, culture shock and adjusting to new surroundings. Speaking of culture shock…

The cultural differences that matter

When an international student comes to Canada, they may experience cultural differences – and even culture shock. Those cultural differences can also extend into the classroom and into the workplace, impacting your education and career. We’ll talk about those differences, and how to be ready for them.

How you can take advantage of Global Experience opportunities at Centennial

Did you know that as a full-time Centennial College student, domestic or international, you can participate in our Global Experience programs? Students can study, work, volunteer, or research abroad and earn academic credit towards their program at Centennial. SaGE has something for everyone! Our students have travelled all over the world including to India, Morocco, Japan, Peru, Cambodia, Kenya, Italy, and many more. Tune in to this podcast to learn about our different program options such as Faculty-Led International Programs, Short International Programs, Semester Exchange, Applied Research Abroad programs, Virtual programs, GCELEs and more. Listen in to learn the lingo and hear about the experience first-hand from our GE Alumni.

Centennial College’s global impact

Just as you coming here adds to the global tapestry of the college, Centennial works to make a positive impact on the rest of the world, too, through projects like our FLIPs, ARAPs, GCELE’s and more (tune in to learn what those stand for). We’ll also talk a little about where Centennial College is headed and our future plans for Global Education.

Want to know more about any of these? Listen to the first few episodes of our new season here, and keep your eyes and ears peeled each week for the rest of the season.

By: Anthony Geremia