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How your myCard works

How your myCard works

Your myCard is the best and fastest way to pay for college essentials and services at all Centennial Campuses. You can load General Dollars with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover or Interac, check your account balance and view your transaction history online.


Adding Funds

Cardholders, parents, guardians, friends and family can all add funds to a Centennial College myCard account at any time, day or night, by logging on to the secure Centennial College myCard website. Funds can be added to a card online using Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover or Interac online. The minimum deposit is $5.00. All myCard account funds are in Canadian dollars.


General Dollars

General Dollars are for anyone on campus, including students, employees and campus partners. They’re the flexible alternative to carrying cash. Fast and convenient, all you need to do is tap 'n' go. It works the same as a debit card, but without transaction costs and monthly fees. You can add General Dollars to your card at any time all year. General Dollars are accepted at all campus myCard locations and are the only method of payment for printing and photocopying services on campus.


Managing your Account

You can access your account history and print statements at any time from the myCard website at or by using the TouchNet OneCard app on your mobile device. You can also print myCard receipts when using your card to make purchases, and if you’re not sure what your balance is while paying for something, you can ask for an account inquiry at any on-campus retail or food service location that accepts the myCard. Cardholders have access to features on that include:

  • Account Information - will show your contact information, your ID photo, your groups and categories, and whether your card is activated or deactivated. 
  • Financial - Will show you your balance, your linked accounts, a history of your transactions, a current statement and your last statement 
  • Add Funds - Deposit General Dollars to your myCard using Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover or Interac Debit.
  • Log Out - Cardholders who have logged in to use the site should log out when transactions are completed.
  • Deactivate Card - To protect funds on your account, use this feature to deactivate your ID card so that no one can use your card for purchases. If found, your card can be reactivated on the website or by contacting the myCard Office at the Progress Campus – Student Hub, C Block – Second Floor, Room C-203. If your card remains lost, a replacement card can be obtained by visiting the myCard Office Progress Campus – Student Hub, C Block – Second Floor, Room C-203, or Enrolment Services (Morningside, Ashtonbee and Story Arts Centre).
  • Parental Deposit - Parents can visit to access the myCard site, then click the "Parental Deposit" link in the left-side menu to deposit General Dollars to your student's myCards using Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover or Interac Debit. Parents do not need to log in first. Parents will require a student number and the student’s date of birth to deposit funds. Parents do not have access to financial statements, card balances or transaction history. They can only deposit funds. Upon successful completion of a deposit, a receipt will be emailed to the email address entered on the payment page.


Step-by-step guide to adding funds

  • Login to using your ID number and myCentennial password.
  • Select the "Add Funds" tab in the top right corner.
  • Enter the email address where you would like your receipt sent to.
  • Enter the amount of deposit (minimum $5.00).
  • Add a "Deposit Note" if you choose. Click "Continue."
  • Choose the payment method and enter payment details in required fields. Click "Process Transaction."


Refunds and Disputes

All users must abide by the Centennial College myCard Terms and Conditions. For refunds or any disputes relating to your myCard account, visit the College’s myCard Office in person, by phone or by email at


Do's and Don'ts for myCard

Your Centennial College myCard is built to last the entire time you are at Centennial. However, stress and torque on the card can affect the antennae, wiring, or chips that are embedded into the card, so take these steps to protect your card, since there’s a fee to replace it.


  • Keep your myCard safe.
  • Clean your myCard with a soft, non-scratching cloth and water.


  • Lend your myCard to others. Your card is to be used only by you.
  • Punch a hole in your myCard.
  • Place your myCard near a magnetic field, computer or cell phone.
  • Expose your myCard to electrostatic discharge (static electricity).
  • Leave your myCard in direct sunlight, such as on the dash of a car.
  • Expose your Centennial College myCard to extreme heat or open flame, like a clothes dryer.
  • Machine-wash your myCard.
  • Use your Centennial College myCard as an ice scraper or scraping tool.
  • Bend, crimp or twist your myCard. Card readers can’t read bent or cracked cards.
  • Bite your myCard.
  • Pound or scratch your myCard with a pen, key, or other sharp tool.
  • Store in a wallet that you keep in your back pocket.