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Our Story

Our Story


50 Years, 50 Stories

Since 1966, Centennial College has been setting students up for success. It's been over 50 years, and in that time, we've seen our share of students become proud Centennial alumni. Here are the stories behind 50 alumni and staff members and how they achieved their successes, both big and small. The meaning of success is different for every person, but all of them share the common theme of working to towards a goal, with the college supporting them every step of the way.

Photo of Ann Buller, CEO and President of Centennial College
Ann Buller: Canada's Top 25 Women of Influence

Photo of Centennial College professor Ted Barris recently returned from a speaking trip in the U.S
Ted Barris: Libris Award recipient shared with astronaut Chris Hadfield

Photo of Recreation and Leisure Services professor Lorne Hilts
Lorne Hilts: 'Resilient' professor earns Centennial's top teaching honour

Photo of Suzanne Kanso a student from the Childre's media program
Suzanne Kanso: Giving children around the world a voice

Picture of drivers John Hume and Ron Bartleet at the Targa Newfoundland competition
Garrett Nalepka and Alex Walsh: Wrench at the 14th Annual Auto Rally in Targa Newfoundland

Picture of Centennial College Project Managment program student Ana Casado who received the OCAA All Rookie Team award
Ana Casado: From international student to OCAA all-rookie team

Picture of Asad Muhammad from the Lego project next to a plane
Asad Muhammad: 'Lego spaceman' takes the next step in education

Picture of Imade Emwindaru Citizenship Award Winner 2015
Imade Emwindaru: Centennial College's 2015 Citizenship Award Winner

Picture of Second Career Recreation Leisure Graduate Katherine Bontje
Katherine Bontje: Second career success

Photo of a student from the practical nursing program
Angele Bayouk: How to balance school and a career with Flexible Practical Nursing

Picture of International Education Scholarship Student Bhavika Masand
Bhavika Masand: An international student's life at Centennial College

Picture of female and male students from the animation lab
Helena Dufgran: Careers in Game Art and Design

Picture of a Centennial College massage therapy student practicing on a patient
Daniel Sommer: Changing career paths, being a mature student and massage therapy

Picture of Centennial College Truck and Coach Modified Apprenticeship Program graduate Amanda Carter
Amanda Carter: Women in transportation

Picture of centennial college child and youth worker graduate kwesi johnson standing outside the progress campus library
Kwesi Johnson: Serving and giving back to the community

Picture of Shea Butter container from the ACCEL project
Ahmed Bawah: How to create your own path to success, Shea Butter and ACCEL

Picture of centennial college publishing program graduate Odessa Parker
Odessa Parker: From Class to Classy

Picture of Karima Panjwani grad from Developmental Services Worker program
Karima Panjwani: Getting a career that matters

Picture of a group of Centennial College students
Heidi Reynders: Make a difference with the Developmental Services Worker program

Picture of Centennial College School of Business Alumni Andrew Palillo and Sameer Vadera who started their own company Save our Solez
Andrew Palillo and Sameer Vadera: Centennial Helps Make the Shoe Fit

Photo of Liz West from Public Relations and Corporate Communications program
Liz West: Public Relations and Corporate Communications

Picture of Gerald Tan Pharmacy Alumni
Gerald Tan: Pharmacy Alumni gives back through job creation

Picture of Centennial College International Education Event Management alumni Sagar Irakal and Rakshitha Rax Suresh
Sagar Irakal and Rakshitha Rax Suresh: Dynamic couple making their mark in event planning

Picture of Centennial College's Broadcasting and Film student, Devin Giamou, star of the Hamilton Social Experiment YouTube video.
Devin Giamou: 'Hamilton Social Experiment' garners worldwide attention

picture of Centennial College professional writing program student
Chantelle Fogarty-Griswold: Overcoming barriers to education

Picture of Centennial College Motive Power program graduate Shaddeah Perrotte
Shaddeah Perrotte: A woman on the road to success

picture of Centennial College Social Service Worker program alumni Stephen Linton smiling and sitting in his City of Toronto office
Stephen Linton: How to give back to your community

picture of Centennial College Music Industry Arts and Performance program alumni Akeem Raphael with faculty at his convocation ceremony
Akeem Raphael: A challenging road to musical success

Picture of Centennial College Business Administration Marketing program graduate and CEO of TDot Performance Mubin Vaid sitting in a chair
Mubin Vaid: Centennial supports entrepreneurship

Picture of Centennial College Publishing Book Magazine and Electronic program graduate and professional writer and publisher Margot Van Sluytman standing in front of mountains
Margot Van Sluytman: Social Justice through Communication

picture of Centennial College Human Resources Management program graduate Starleeta Brown with her daughter
Starleeta Brown: The secrets to success

Picture of Centennial College Faculty Piotr Miersejewski
Piotr Mierzejewski: staying ahead of the tech curve

picture of Centennial College Transportation graduate and Head Automotive Painter at Legendary Motorcar Jesse Kennely at his workplace garage
Jesse Kennely: Changed gears through Centennial

picture of Centennial College Recreation and Leisure Services program alumni Real Carre
Réal Carré: A long road of success

Picture of the childern's book No Parrots in Space team
No Parrots in Space: Centennial students create a children's book to teach diversity

Picture of Chuck Gullickson during the CCAA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Chuck Gullickson: The sporting life

Picture of Lawrence Mirkin, Centennial College 50th Anniversary Success Story
Lawrence Mirkin: Telling stories

Picture of Children in the background
Deborah Matthews-Phinney: Caring for our youngest

Picture of Yazmin Razack , Centennial College 50th Anniversary Success Story
Yasmin Razack: Bringing diversity and inclusion to the college

Picture of Patrick Kelly, Centennial College 50th Anniversary Success Story
Patrick Kelley: Moving with technology

Picture of Rick Foren, Centennial College 50th Anniversary Success Story
Rick Foren: Breaking barriers

Picture of MarjChouinard, Centennial College 50th Anniversary Success Story
Marj Chouinard: Counting back

Picture of Christine Whyte, Centennial College 50th Anniversary Success Story
Christine Whyte: The time of her Life

Picture of Christine Wolch, Centennial College 50th Anniversary Success Story
Christine Wolch: A Part of history

Picture of Ellen Bull, Centennial College 50th Anniversary Success Story
Ellen Bull: Coming full circle

Picture of Harvey Willow, Centennial College 50th Anniversary Success Story
Harvey Willow: Going the extra mile

Picture of John Pesce, Centennial College 50th Anniversary Success Story
John Pesce: Mechanically inclined

Picture of School of Business Faculty office
Les Miscampbell: A life of learning

Picture of Barrie Morgan in business attire
Barrie Morgan: Opportunity never stops knocking

Picture of Brian Leibel. Centennial College 50th Anniversary Success Story
Brian Leibel: The language of success