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Performance Indicators

Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) surveys are mandated by the Ontario government and have been used since 1998. The surveys measure how the college is meeting the needs of students, graduates and employers. The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, in collaboration with the Ontario Colleges, have identified five measurements to be used as the Key Performance Indicators:

  • Graduate Employment
  • Graduate Satisfaction
  • Employer Satisfaction
  • Student Satisfaction
  • Graduation Rate

The results of the survey help Centennial College meet our commitment to providing our students with high-quality, innovative and responsive education in a supportive and safe environment. The Graduate Employment and Graduate Satisfaction KPI data are collected through the Graduate Satisfaction Survey, a telephone survey is conducted six months after graduation by an external survey consultant called Forum Research. The survey collects information on graduate' employment experience and their satisfaction with their college education. View or download the Graduate Satisfaction Survey.  

Graduate Employment KPI

The percentage of college graduates in the labor force who were employed.

Graduate Satisfaction KPI 

The percentage of college program graduates who perceived that their college experience was useful to them in achieving their goals after graduation.

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