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Statement of Diversity

Statement of Diversity

Centennial College and its Board of Governors value and embrace diversity, equity and inclusion as fundamental to our mission to educate students for career success within a context of global citizenship and social justice.

We recognize that historical and persistent inequities and barriers to equitable participation exist and are well documented in society and within the college.

We believe individual and systemic biases contribute to the marginalization of designated groups. These biases include race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, ancestry, nationality, place of origin, colour, ethnicity, culture, linguistic origin, citizenship, creed (religion, faith), marital status, socio-economic class, family status, receipt of public assistance or record of offence. We acknowledge that resolving First Nations sovereignty issues is fundamental to pursuing equity and social justice within Canada.

We acknowledge the richness and diversity of the community we serve. As our community has evolved, and our staff and student population have changed, we have implemented policies and practices to address issues of inclusion. In moving forward, we will build on this work to embed commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in every aspect of what we do.

Our Guiding Principles

We believe social justice requires that we value diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe that the principles and practices of diversity, equity and inclusion strengthen the social and economic development, growth and well-being of our student population, our employees, and our local and international communities.

We uphold our social responsibility to contribute to a society that is equitable, fair and just. In accordance with our mission, vision and values, we will demonstrate leadership in eliminating barriers, and implementing and promoting diversity through our Academic Framework, policies, special initiatives and proactive measures.

We are committed to eliminating all forms of harassment and discrimination. We will prevent, remedy and redress these inequities. We will create an environment of inclusion in teaching, learning, employment and support services so we can fully serve our communities and prepare students to excel in the workplace and in society.

We will be accountable for the changes we need to make. We will continue to comply with existing federal and provincial legislative requirements. We will continue to develop and implement goals, policies, competencies and special initiatives founded upon principles of social justice to promote equity and inclusion. We will collect data to track progress and regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the initiatives we undertake, and we will communicate the outcomes to our community.

Our Commitment

A safe, secure, inclusive and accessible environment for learning, teaching and working
Centennial College will be free from discrimination, harassment and hate. We will fully support the right of everyone to study, participate and work with dignity in an environment of mutual respect. We will include and respect the abilities, experiences, perspectives and contributions of our students, our employees, our partners and our communities.

Curriculum and instruction that reflect diversity and promote equity and inclusion
Our curriculum and instruction will draw on a variety of knowledge, perspectives and experiences. Our teaching and learning will help students recognize different forms of discrimination and understand the factors that cause inequity in society. Through our commitment to global citizenship and social justice, we will prepare students with the skills and knowledge to challenge unjust practices and build positive human relationships in an increasingly diverse society.

Equitable and accessible opportunities for student success
We will identify and remove institutional barriers that prevent access and impede student success. Our teaching and support services will demonstrate equity and inclusion. We will provide transformative and inclusive curriculum that will help students attain academic excellence and positive social and career outcomes.

Building knowledge and evaluating effectiveness
We will ensure we are knowledgeable about diversity, equity and inclusion. We will critically analyze and research current practices. We will evaluate our effectiveness by tracking our progress, analyzing what is working well and determining how we can best improve.

Human Resource Management systems, policies and practices that reflect diversity and promote equity and inclusion
We will implement bias- and barrier-free recruitment, selection, hiring and promotion at all levels. We will ensure that our employees’ skills and knowledge are respected, valued and used appropriately. We will provide equitable opportunities for professional development and advancement for all employees.

Training and staff development in equity and diversity
We will provide ongoing training and staff development to build understanding and ensure that equity and inclusion are central to the work we do. We will recognize and reward initiatives that support diversity, equity and inclusion.

Accessible and inclusive college communication
We will reflect diversity in communications that promote Centennial College, our programs, services and curriculum. We will ensure that college communication is respectful, and that our information is accessible and widely available.

Strategic engagement with diverse communities
We will undertake strategic outreach to develop meaningful relationships with diverse communities. We will engage with these communities and encourage their fullest contribution to, and participation in, our activities and consultations.

Relationships and partnerships that align with our mission, vision and values
We will actively seek relationships that enhance our values and offer domestic and international opportunities to prepare our students to work effectively and successfully in a global and diverse marketplace. We will ensure that our contractual relationships with businesses and organizations comply with our standards of equity, human rights and fairness.

Committing financial and human resources to promote diversity, equity and inclusion
We will provide resources to support the work of our employees, our students and our partners in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.