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In All Emergencies, Dial Ext. 2020 or 416-439-4357 (HELP)

General Service: 416-289-5000, Ext. 5240


Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Campus Security is responsible for documenting and investigating any items that are reported as being lost, missing or suspected of being stolen on campus. Campus Security is also responsible for collecting and storing any items found within the facility or the surrounding grounds for up to three weeks time. 

The Security Office at each Campus is the sole administrator of the lost and found policy. All efforts will be made to ensure that lost, missing or stolen items are returned to their rightful owners in a timely manner. 

Inquiring about an item that you lost

You may inquire about an item that you have lost in person at a Campus Security Office or via phone by calling 416-289-5240.

Items that will be accepted and stored are:

  • Wallets
  • Money
  • Passports
  • Keys
  • Jewelry
  • Electronic items
  • Clothing items
  • Bags, purses and backpacks
  • Government Identification
  • Credit cards, debit cards or gift cards
  • Glasses
  • USBs
  • Paperwork and books

Items that will be accepted but disposed of daily are:

  • Medication
  • Drug paraphernalia 
  • Food and water bottles 
  • Soiled clothing

These items are stored in a secure location for three weeks. Security will make every attempt to contact the owner if an email, a phone number or address is located on the item or can be found on the College’s information registry.

To report lost items

Please attend the Security Office and provide:

  • a description of the item
  • the area where it was lost
  • date and time the item was considered lost
  • your name
  • current contact information

To claim lost items

Please attend the Security Office and provide:

  • a description of the item
  • the area where it was lost
  • the date the item was considered lost
  • valid photo identification (MyCard or Government ID)

What happens to unclaimed items?

Where it is not possible to return an item to its original owner within the relevant property retention period, the item will, where possible, either be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner or donated to a registered charity.


  • Put your name and e-mail address somewhere accessible on anything important — this helps us to contact you if your item is ever lost and turned into Lost and Found
  • If we don't have your item when you check, you can either check back with us in a week or check the various campus Libraries or Recreation facilities — while most items on campus end up at our office, some locations only drop items off periodically
  • Download the free Campus Safety Watch App
  • See more safety tips


Centennial College accepts no responsibility for the care and/or control of personal belongings that are abandoned or left behind while on the property. The College also does not take responsibility for any items that are stolen, vandalized or altered in any way.