Centennial College will dedicate September 30, 2021, Orange Shirt Day, as a day of reflection, engagement and learning for all of our students and employees, and will, as a result, be cancelling classes and suspending campus operations on Thursday.

Criminal Activity

In case of an emergency, call

  • Police 911 
  • Campus Security
    • Emergency Ext. 2020 
    • The Emergency Help Line 416-439-4357
    • Use A Yellow Emergency Phone 

When calling to report Criminal Activity, be specific about

  • The nature of the incident
  • The location of the incident
  • Description of person(s) involved
  • Description of property involved

In the event of a Criminal Act

  • Assist security and police officers when they arrive by supplying them with all additional information and ask others to cooperate

  • Should gunfire or discharged explosives occur on the campus, you should immediately take cover using all available cover. After the disturbance, seek emergency aid as necessary.

Civil Disturbance or Demonstration

  • In case of a civil disturbance or demonstration notify Campus Security at emergency Ext. 2020
  • Security will monitor the demonstration 

If it turns violent, and injury to persons or property occurs or appears imminent

  • Call for Emergency Services (911)
  • Call Campus Security, Emergency Ext. 2020, Emergency Help Line 416-439-4357 or us a Yellow Emergency Phone

Bomb and Related Threats 

Bomb and related threats may be received in various ways. When receiving such a threat, it is important to compile as much information as possible. Please keep in mind that the vast majority of bomb threats are false and are primarily intended to elicit a response from the building occupants. 

Threats Received by Phone

  • Remain calm do not panic 
  • Pay attention to the caller and record as much detail as possible. Use Bomb Threat Telephone Procedure Checklist (copy at end of this Guide).

  • Note any characteristics of the caller’s voice (gender, voice, age, accent, etc.)
  • Attempt to obtain information on the type of bomb, location and time it is set to go off
  • Immediately report the threat to Security at Ext. 2020
  • Notify your immediate supervisor

Threats Received by note, fax or email

  • Do not handle the note; leave it where it was found
  • Do not delete the email
  • Immediately notify security at Ext. 2020

Suspicious packages or letter

  • Do not touch or handle it. Do not shake or bump package. Do not open, smell, touch or taste the package. Treat it as suspect. 
  • Call Security Ext. 2020. Provide the following details: you have a suspect package, its location, its description, why you believe it is suspect and any other useful information.

  • If you suspect it is a bomb, do not cover it, open doors and windows to minimize blast effects
  • If you suspect the object is contaminated (i.e. has powder or any other substance on it or leaking from it) gently cover it with other materials (i.e. newspaper, towels or plastic bags) and close the door

  • Clear the immediate area where the object was discovered
  • If you have handled an object which is suspected of being contaminated, minimize physical contact with others. Wash hands with soap and water. Remove contaminated clothes and place and seal them in a plastic bag or container. Shower with soap and water as soon as possible. Provide the authorities and Security with a list of all people who may have been in contact or close proximity to the object.


Upon receiving a report of a bomb or related threats Security will investigate the report, contact Police, advise security administration, coordinate the search procedures and report results to police. A decision will then be made by the Incident Manager under the IMS procedures regarding further action or whether an evacuation is necessary.