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Hazardous Materials Incident

A hazardous materials incident may be a spill or release of chemicals, radioactive materials or biological materials inside a building or to the environment. The user may manage simple spills. Major spills or emergencies require emergency assistance from external services.

Simple Spill Major Spill or Emergency
Are localized and do not spread rapidly Spreads rapidly or enters a drain
Does not endanger people Endangers people
Does not endanger the environment Endangers environment
Trained person may clean up Call 911 and Ext. 2020

Immediate Action

  • Simple spill of hazardous material are to be cleaned up by the department responsible for the material
  • Major Spill or emergencies
    • Dial 911 and Ext. 2020
    • Evacuate, assemble at a safe distance
    • Account for individuals
    • Wait for and provide information to responders
  • The emergency responder makes the decision that an incident is controlled and stabilized
  • The decision to re-occupy an area will be made by the emergency responder (fire, police, Ministry of Environment)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Locations

All Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available through our online database at, or in an event of medical emergency due to chemical exposure or major spill by calling 1-800-451-8346. If further information is required please contact Safety, Health and Wellness.