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Learn a living. In your field. Your community. Anywhere. We’ll help you get there. With more accredited programs, pioneering research projects and partnerships that offer semesters or placements abroad. An education rooted in the principles of global citizenship, equity and social inclusion. All at Centennial College.

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They delivered each lesson with enthusiasm and created a positive environment in which students felt comfortable enough to share ideas and ask questions. I realize that this an environment that only a few students get to truly experience, thus I thought it would be important to shine a light on educators who are surpassing the bar in providing a good quality education. Not only have they been exceptional instructors, but they have also pushed me to better myself, guided me throughout my time at the college and have become great mentors who I plan to hold onto for the rest of my life. I recently received my final evaluation form from my placement employer, Bombardier Aerospace, and truly believe that the praise I received was due to the teachings of Terry and Linda; they gave me the technical skills I needed to succeed as well as the confidence I needed to exceed expectations. For your review, I have attached a copy of my evaluation form. Finally, I wanted to thank you for supporting educators who are determined to help add value to the lives of their students. — Priyanka Athia - Office Adminnistration – Health Services, Graduate


Full-time students, including 11,000 international and 1,300 apprenticeship


Student Satisfaction in the GTA in 2018


Ranked in the top ten of the 2017 Canadian Research Colleges 


Overall Student Satisfaction Rate


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