Mathematics and Physics Courses

Below is a full list of Mathematics and Physics Courses available in the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science at Centennial College. Click on the code for course descriptions.

Course Name Course Code
Analytic Geometry and Differential Calculus MATH-241
Calculus MATH-285
Differential Calculus/Analytic Geometry MATH-231
Discrete Mathematics MATH-185
Elementary Calculus MATH-250
Elementary Statistics MATH-103
Functions and Number Systems MATH-175
Integral Calculus MATH-232
Integral Calculus and Transcendental Functions MATH-242
Math - Metal Mach. Part 1 MATH-160
Math - Metal Mach. Part 2 MATH-161
Mathematics 1 MATH-101
Mathematics 2 MATH-102
Mathematics for Applied Science MATH-176
Statistics for Applied Science MATH-186
Mathematics for Architecture 1 MATH-111
Mathematics for Architecture 2 MATH-112
Mathematics for Data Management MATH-260
Mathematics of Finance MATH-106
Mathematics of Finance Part 1 MATH-118
Mathematics of Finance Part 2 MATH-119
Microcomputer Applications for Technology MATH-154
Physics for Environmental PC-124
Inquiry into Physics PHYS-001
Statistics MATH-316
Technical Mathematics 1 MATH-151
Technical Mathematics 2 MATH-152
Technology Math 2 MATH-171
Technology Mathematics 1 MATH-140
Technology Mathematics 2 MATH-170
Technology Mathematics 3 MATH-180